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Rusty Pump's Team

It's a family thing.

Team: Careers

Shannon Crawford-Taylor

Shannon drives the company as well as the company truck, Trevor. She started it all with her ambition and love for agriculture.

By day she is a chemist, by night she is a dog whisperer, and by weekend she is a farmer.

Amber Crawford-Taylor

Amber is Shannon's wife and where would we be with out her? Amber provides a set of knowledgable hands when it comes to canning. She also provides snacks to her hardworkers. Amber is that loving touch every family owned business needs.

Hirut Crawford-Taylor

Daughter of Shannon and Amber, Hirut does it all. She waters, she harvests, she plants. She gets right in there next to Shannon when it comes time to get dirty. She provides the tough labor needed in agriculture.

Kaisa Crawford-Taylor

Sister of Hirut and tech guru, Kaisa keeps Rusty Pump Farms online. She takes care of the front end of things to bring you the best products possible.


Bear is was of our founding farm dogs that protected the crops by eating our fruit instead. Picture above. He is a good boy.


The newest addition to Rusty Pump Farms LLC! He will soon be dipping his paws into the responsibility of the homestead's farm dog. Pictures en route!

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